Post-a-Day Coming for August 2014

If you’re a regular visitor to this blog, you’ve probably noticed that when I returned to college full-time several years ago, regular postings were one of the first things to go as life became busier.

Well, I’m going to try to make up for lost time here on my Charlotte Mason blog/website but sharing a tip or insight I’ve learned through about a quarter century of home education.  As of this year when my youngest graduated high school, all my kiddos and are now grown and finished with official homeschooling.  Hopefully I’ve learned  a few things over the years that might be worthwhile to share with moms (and dads) just starting the homeschooling journey (or are maybe further along but getting burnt out or just looking for some helpful tips).

Beginning tomorrow (August 1st, 2014) I’ll be posting a tip, article, or insight at least once a day.  Just in time for getting your thoughts in order for the upcoming school year!   If you haven’t subscribed to this blog yet, you can do so easily by entering your email address in the subscription form in the sidebar.  That way you’ll get an email notice as soon as new posts arrive.

Feel free to tell your friends!  The tips will also be linked on my Facebook account and Twitter feed, so those are also subscription options if you’d like to follow along that way, as well.

See you soon!


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I have a new blog! Come by for a visit?

I’m NOT Susie Homemaker!

I realized my focus right now is digging myself back out of my messy house.  So the idea for “I’m NOT Susie Homemaker” was born.

We’ll see how it goes.

I’ll be posting there this summer rather than here (for the most part) so if you want to keep up on current updates, come by and follow me there, too.  :-)

Hope to see you all there!  Onward and upward.

Homeschooling with a Limited Budget

by Deborah Taylor-Hough

Over the years, I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve had newbie homeschooling moms cry on my shoulder about all the myriads of choices available for home education curriculum and supplies.

“We’re just a struggling single income family! We can’t afford all this awesome sounding stuff! But I want to give my children Continue reading

I’m still online … but not blogging much right now

Ever since returning to school full-time, I don’t seem to have much time for keeping up on my assorted blogs.  But I’m still online … just mainly in social media settings where the conversation isn’t nearly as time-consuming for now.

So if you’d like to stay in touch, you can find me, like me, or follow me on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook, too!



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Top Five Posts from my CM blog

These are the Top Five posts on this blog for 2013:

Now, what should I include new in 2014?  Thoughts?  Suggestions?  Questions?