Online Fine Art Resources

a3o48xjca0x8oimcagmzgxlcakirv6ncajumzt4cajjqfjoca9klifjcalsefqzcaawiywacaantzxccaueooqnca7zqckyca9v4xkycavadjuycap8njcncadds9k0caosrc6dcakhzlehcaihqqqsca9eljh8.jpgIt used to be that the only way to access fine art reproductions was to head down to the local library or bookstore and grab yourself a coffee table art book.  Or maybe buy a calendar or two with reproductions from your favorite artists.

But now we have the Internet — the world of art is accessible to anyone.  Plus, there are a number of excellent educational sites designed for kids / parents / teachers / home educators.

Here’s a small sampling of some of the great fine art resources available online:

A. Pintura, Art Detective

Art Lessons with Talent Teacher

The Art Room

Art Tales: Telling Stories with Wildlife Art

Arts Workshop

Inside Art

Kinder Art

National Gallery of Art:  Kids


The Louvre


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