Take a Daily “Green Hour” with Your Kids

Whenever someone online links to a page on one of my blogs, I receive a notification about it in the administrative area of my blog. The other day I found that someone named “Grandmother Wren” had linked to two of my nature study articles, so I figured I’d go see what sort of blog entry prompted a nature study recommendation. Turns out, it was a posting about children spending time outdoors everyday to connect with nature.

Here’s a quote:

“The National Wildlife Federation recommends that parents give their kids a ‘Green Hour’ every day, a time for interaction with the natural world. This can take place in a garden, a backyard, the park down the street, or any place that provides safe and accessible green spaces where children can learn and play.”
You can visit Grandmother Wren and see her list of thirteen great ideas/resources for spending time with kids outdoors at: http://grandmotherwren.com/?p=109

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NOTE:  People often ask about our family’s homeschooling journey, so I pooled together my responses from several online interviews and you can now read the combined interviews here:  Interview with Debi

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