Simple Times …

Just thought I should probably let my regular blog readers know that I’ve recently started publishing my eNewsletter, Simple Times, again. Due to life’s ups, downs and crazy circles, I had to cease publication for several months this year.  It’ll probably be going out about twice-a-month again, but I don’t have any specific publication dates set … the idea of looming deadlines just sounds like an additional stress I don’t need at the moment.

If you haven’t subscribed yet, it’s really easy.  Just click on the following link and it’ll open an email window.  Just send a blank email to the address that comes up, and voila!  You’re a Simple Times subscriber.  🙂

Simple Times is a free email publication dedicated to the pursuit of simple living – providing inspiration, encouragement, motivation and practical help for those who (for whatever reasons) are choosing to simplify their lives.

Regular topics included in Simple Times are things like:

  •  saving money on everyday expenses
  • simple parenting tips
  • cooking for the freezer
  • and just generally simplifying daily life

There will definitely be an added focus on simple ways of surviving in the current tough economic climate.  With my current bout of unemployment, I’m definitely attuned to what’s happening in that arena right now.  :::sigh:::



So, what do you think?

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