Nature Study Website Recommendation

The_Last_Leaf_by_dsimpleI stumbled upon this great website/blog in my online travels this week.  The woman keeps an online journal of her family’s nature study activities as they use Anna Comstock’s classic book, Handbook of Nature Study, as their outline and textbook.

As a longtime fan of Comstock’s work, it’s great to see another family making use of this excellent resource in their family’s homeschooling efforts.

Click here:

The website has some great photos (the leaf photo on this post is mine, however), lots of hints and tips, and she sells some books and resources for nature study that the she’s put together.  Not having seen or read her other resources, I can’t necessarily recommend them at this point … but if they’re anything like her blog, I’m sure they’re worthwhile.  🙂

To order your own copy of Handbook of Nature study, click on the book cover to the left.


2 responses to “Nature Study Website Recommendation

  1. I’ve been following her since the day I started using the CM method. I get most of my nature study plans from her. As well, she has an art blog which offers composer studies as well as art lessons and such. That’s located at

  2. I’m a huge fan of the blog you’ve linked. It’s a wonderful resource for nature study.

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