Easy Autumn Craft Ideas

by Deborah Taylor-Hough

Charlotte Mason wanted academics finished before lunchtime so the afternoons could be spent pursuing hobbies, handicrafts, and personal interests.  Here are a couple of ultra-easy autumn-themed craft ideas.

CRAFTSLeaf Prints:

Make your own cards or gift wrap by using nature’s bounty of freshly fallen leaves. Use poster paint for printing on paper (for cards, gift wrap, etc.), or use acrylic paint if you decide to decorate an item that needs a waterproof finish (glassware, clay pots, etc.). Brush a small amount of paint onto the underside of the leaf where the veins are more pronounced. Carefully place the leaf where you want the design printed and cover with a layer of paper towel. Gently roll a rolling pin over the top (or you can use the side of an empty bottle). Remove the paper towel and lift the leaf. If you need more info about it please visit http://asapwp.com.au

2554752805_80b47c6569Wheat Weaving:

Soak wheat on the stalk (from craft stores or local farmers) in a tub of water for an hour or so. Holding three seed heads together, braid the stems of the wheat stalks. Curve the ends around to make an oval loop, a circle wreath, or even bend it a bit to make a heart shape. Tie with brightly colored ribbon. As the stalks dry, they’ll hold their shape. Add to your autumn decorations.

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3 responses to “Easy Autumn Craft Ideas

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  3. Great crafts. I Will have to wait for Autumn here though, I hope I will remember then.

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