Contest: Simple Christmas Ideas

This week I’m going to be conducting a contest for readers of my blogs and ezines. The prize will be a copy of Ruth Bell Graham’s book, Our Christmas Story (that’s Mrs. Billy Graham).

.This book is a wonderful resource for reminding people — both young and old alike — of the real Reason for the Season.  It makes an excellent read-aloud for families during the Advent season.

.The book, Our Christmas Story, was published in 1973 and has been out-of-print for a number of years. Whenever I see copies of it at garage sales or thrift stores, I always scoop them up and give them out to friends and family.

.I was at a friend’s used bookstore, A Cup of Cold Water, in the Olympia/Lacey area this weekend and I bought both copies of Our Christmas Story that were on her shelves. I gave one copy to my youngest daughter so she’d have her own, and then decided to offer the second copy as a prize here on my blog.

.Keep in mind that the prize is a used book … it’s in “fair to good” condition and can’t be purchased new anywhere because it’s out-of-print. Here’s the question you’ll need to answer in order to be entered into the contest/drawing:

What’s your favorite tip, activity, or idea for simplifying your Christmas and holiday celebrations?

This could be something that saves time or money, something that brings to life the meaning of the holidays, a recipe, or just a simple activity that brings joy into the dark days of December.

.Rules for the Contest:

  1. Leave your entry in the comment section of this post.
  2. IMPORTANT: Please leave a valid email address so I can contact you if you win. (Don’t leave your postal mailing address in your entry!)
  3. Contest closes Monday, December 14th at Midnight (PST).
  4. All entries will be assigned a number. The winning number will be chosen using a random number generator.
  5. Winner will be contacted by email and asked at that time to supply a mailing address to receive their prize.
  6. All entries also may appear in an upcoming issue of the Simple Times eNewsletter.

I’m looking forward to reading everyone’s entries. Merry Christmas! 🙂



9 responses to “Contest: Simple Christmas Ideas

  1. Heheee, that book was published the year I was born, neat!

    One of our favorite Christmas activities is going through the Starbucks drive-through for kids size hot chocolates and then driving around town ohh’ing and ahh’ing at all the Christmas light displays. Something we just started this holiday season is making the most of our library, every day we read one or two stories that we haven’t heard before; we now have some new favorites to add to a list for next year!

    Thanks for the entry, my email is:

  2. For my grandchildren I have sent a package with hot chocolate mix, a cookie in a jar mix, a copy of the Night Before Christmas book. I also taped myself reading the book and telling each of the grandkids things I remember from this last year. My Daughter in law is going to bake the cookies with the kids Christmas Eve afternoon and an hour before they go to bed she will set them up with the cookies, hot chocolate, the book and recording. This will give them a fun quiet time and give my DIL a little time to finish wrapping or alone time, whatever. This will make the hour before bedtime calmer Christmas Eve for the whole family.

  3. Our traditions for Christmas are focused on being of service to others. We find an organization such as a food shelf to give of our time. Instead of sharing Christmas gifts in our family we take all the money we would have spent on each other and donate to charitable organizations.

  4. This year I simplified my Christmas by asking our four little ones what traditions they love and want to make sure we do this year. To my surprise they only mentioned a few things( certain foods, getting a tree, candle light service, decoraing the house.) It was amazing to me and I thought how simple little kids are and how wonderful it is to not overcrowd our calendar with things I feel we ought to do or traditions I want to try, but just enjoy love and enjoy them. Even though the craziness of this month seems to try to crowd out simple family moments, knowing their little hearts are the most content with the simple things will be the best tradition!!

  5. Simplify: I did all my Christmas shopping on Amazon this year so that Advent would be a time of pareparing ourselves.
    Special: We made a simple Advent wreath and light it nightly.


    we leave time for reading aloud the Best Christmas Pageant Ever, so many times of laughter are had!! Reading is a big part of our enjoyment of the season!!

  7. My favorite simple Christmas activity is baking homemade bread and giving it to our neighbors. It’s something that doesn’t cost a lot of money, and is healthy and delicious. It’s something the children can help make and deliver. It’s also a way for us to show love to one of our neighbors who is not a follower of Jesus Christ.

  8. I just found you! What a fun giveaway. 🙂

    Our favorite simple Christmas activity is reading The Advent Book by Jack and Kathy Stockman together as a family. We’ve done this year after year, and the kids love it! It is our reminder of the real reason for the season: Jesus!

    maytheybemightymen @ sbcglobal . net

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