Charlotte Mason Email Group for the Pacific Northwest

Pike Place Market, Seattle

This is information about a discussion group for parents/educators in the Pacific Northwest interested in the educational methods and philosophies of Charlotte Mason. Most of our list members are in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and British Columbia … but we have others from across the USA, Canada, and points beyond.

To sign up for the NW-CM discussion group or just to see if it might be worth looking in to, visit our Yahoo Groups home page at:

The original members of this group came from an in-person Charlotte Mason support group that met in Puyallup, Washington about fifteen years ago. Our in-person group was led at that time by Catherine Levison, author of A Charlotte Mason Education and More Charlotte Mason Education.

Over the past couple of years, this group has become pretty quiet. Many of the original members have gone on to other stages of life as their children have grownup, finished homeschooling, started attending high school, began Running Start, got married, or went on to start careers. Yes, believe it or not … your children will one day grow up. 😉

If you join the Northwest Charlotte Mason group, don’t worry about being innundated with email. We mainly just share about activities and resources of interest to Charlotte Mason homeschoolers in the Seattle/Tacoma and Portland, Oregon areas.  But I would love to see this group come back to life … maybe we’re just waiting for YOU to join us!  🙂

~Debi in Auburn WA
And yes, I’m the owner of the NW-CM List

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