Nature Study

Pictures Spring 09 042 (2)

by Deborah Taylor-Hough

In spite of often rainy, inclement weather, Charlotte Mason insisted on going out once-a-week for an official Nature Walk, allowing the children to experience and observe the natural environment firsthand.  If you’re doing this with your own children, keep in mind that these excursions should be nature walks, not nature talks.

 In addition to the weekly Nature Walks, Mason also recommended children spend large quantities of time outside each day, no matter what the weather. Take a daily walk for fun and fresh air.

She also encouraged children to keep a nature notebook or nature journal. Nature notebooks are essentially artist sketchbooks containing pictures the children have personally drawn of plants, wildlife or any other natural object found in its natural setting. These nature journals can also include nature-related poetry, prose, detailed descriptions, weather notes, Latin names, etc.


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