Charlotte Mason and John Taylor Gatto

One of these days (hopefully very soon), I’m going to take some time to write about the workshops I attended this past weekend at the Washington Homeschool Organization (WHO) Convention in Puyallup, Washington.

The two featured speakers were John Taylor Gatto (author and New York Teacher of the Year) and Catherine Levison (author of several Charlotte Mason related books).  It was amazing to me how smoothly the messages of Gatto and Levison blended together and complemented each other.

I spoke with Catherine at length during the conference and she told me that she and Gatto are often at the same conventions, but they’ve actually never really spoken with each other in depth or attended each other’s workshops because they’re both there working and super busy.  She really had no idea that Gatto’s workshops about some of his more philosophical ideas of education were the perfect lead-in for her practical how-to workshops.  Gatto defined a well-educated person … and then Levison stepped in and gave the practical (Charlotte Mason) steps to acheive exactly what Gatto was just talking about.  It was very fun.  🙂

Anyway, I have a lot to say about the weekend, but not much time to write it out. I’ve recently returned to school full-time myself and the college’s Summer Quarter just started yesterday, so I’m completely swamped with work.  But I’d really like to take some time in the next three or four days to talk about the conference before it all starts getting lost in all the new information from my three classes.

So … more later!  🙂


One response to “Charlotte Mason and John Taylor Gatto

  1. Two of my favorite authors….can’t wait to here about it!

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