Curriculum Dealers Aren’t Your Friends


The curriculum dealers at homeschool conventions and curriculum fairs aren’t your friends.  They’re honestly looking at you as a prospective sale.

They’re not bad people, mind you.  They’re business people with a product to sell.  And homeschooling is big business these days.  They might be perfectly nice people.  They might be helpful and warm and friendly and appear to be everything you’ve ever wanted in a friend or mentor.

But remember, they’re there to make a sale … and you’re just the latest target of their slick sales speech.  Seriously.  At the bare minimum, they need to make back the cost of renting that space or booth.

In the early days of my homeschooling adventures,  I found myself sometimes persuaded by fancy curriculum suppliers and homeschool conventions to try some new or flashy or wonderful “answer to all my homeschool woes.”  Somebody always appeared to have a new and improved “something” that seemed like it was just what I needed.

Oh, the weary life of a young homeschooling mom with little self-confidence.  I wish I could go back to my younger self, give her a big hug, hold her hand, and help her withstand all those pressures to buy, buy, buy.  I would say to her (and maybe to you?) as she’s standing there overwhelmed with options and feeling like if she just had more money to throw at it, homeschooling would be “perfect”:

“They’re just trying to sell you something, Honey.  Of course they’re going to make it sound lovely and like it’s the answer to whatever ails your homeschool.  Can’t you see it?  They’re marketing to your insecurities.  Go home now.  Keep your money in your bank account, read a good book to your kiddos, take a walk in the park, feed the squirrels, and enjoy life together.”

Go and do likewise.  🙂

Just my humble opinion — following a quarter century of homeschooling — for what it’s worth.


51BlGAcUHnL(Excerpted and adapted with permission from A Twaddle-Free Education: An Introduction to Charlotte Mason’s Timeless Educational Ideas.)

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Deborah Taylor-Hough is a long-time homeschooling mother of three (now adult) children as well as a freelance writer and the author of the bestselling Frozen Assets cookbook series and A Simple Choice: A Practical Guide to Saving Your Time, Money and Sanity.  Visit Debi on Facebook.

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One response to “Curriculum Dealers Aren’t Your Friends

  1. Thank you! This is refreshing to know others feel we are being fed a few lines and our human insecurity takes over….. I’ve wished I had saved my money and used the library; searched subjects of interest on the internet; and spent more time with my kids playing chess, a card or board game!! Thank you for this post.

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