How to Memorize Poems

What I do with poems that we’ve decided we’re going to learn by heart is this:  I put the poem into my word processing program then I increase the font so that the poem takes up one entire typewritten page.

Then I print it out, slide the printed sheet of paper into a plastic page protector and hang it in a highly visible place in the house where the kids will see it regularly (i.e.: on the refrigerator, the classroom wall, or even in the bathroom!).

Several times each day, we’ll stop by the displayed poem and read it aloud together. After we’re done with memorizing a poem, I’ll place the poem and its plastic page protector into a three-ring binder to use with subsequent children.

It’s amazing how quickly you and your children will have an entire poem memorized with very little effort. And with a seasonal poems (springtime, fall, or the holidays for example), you could even recite your poems at a family gathering such as an upcoming family dinner. Impress Grandma — and make poetry memorization a fun-filled family event!

For more about poetry, see this reprinted article from the Parents’ Review magazine (edited by Charlotte Mason) “On the Teaching of Poetry.


These were our family’s two favorite poetry books when the kiddos were preschoolers.  The books are small, but the poetry choices are actually quite good.  Both are out-of-print now, but you can often find used copies online, and I’ve also seen them at thrift stores.


These were the two main books we used for elementary level poetry readings and memorization:


You can also browse many Charlotte Mason related books and resources at’s Charlotte Mason Bookstore.


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