Are you homeschooling or car-schooling?

Who says homeschoolers aren’t socialized?  Sometimes I felt I needed to guard against too much socializing!

I usually would limit my kids to one activity of their own so I wasn’t driving all over town all the time.  I wanted to homeschool, not car school.  A lot of the outside things we did were things all the kids could be involved in at the same time.  For example, when my younger two were going to a local summer Camp, my oldest daughter and I volunteered as Camp Leaders.

Over the years my children have been involved in both formal and informal cooperative types of groups and classes with other homeschoolers (science, history, Moms/Kids group at church).  My kiddos were also involved with writing, editing and publishing a newsletter with a group of unschoolers from our community for several years.  We studied a number of short stories with some friends.  My kids (all three) took ballet.  There have been music lessons, a neighborhood 4-H Club, nature camps, Vacation Bible School, and the list goes on and on.

Other than an official science/history co-op we did with four other families for a year, I never really liked using the local homeschooling cooperatives that were springing up.  I found that the other parents really didn’t understand the direction I was going with my homeschooling.  They were just basically recreating a pretty traditional classroom setting for their kids which was actually what I was trying to avoid through homeschooling.

If you feel like you’re doing car-school rather than homeschool, you might want to examine the amount of outside commitments you’ve allowed to creep into your schedule.  Some seasons of life are just busy, but sometimes we allow ourselves to say yes to everything that’s good and then spread ourselves (and our kiddos) too thin.

Just my humble thoughts — following a quarter century of homeschooling — for what it’s worth.


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