This Week on Facebook – November 21st 2014

facebookDue to Facebook’s tendency to filter posts from appearing, I’ve begun posting weekly updates of highlights from my week’s Facebook posts so you can see what you may have missed from the Charlotte Mason & Home Education Facebook page.


This Week on Facebook:

When our kiddos were young, every Thanksgiving they would each memorize a poem and then recite it at the Thanksgiving table between dinner and dessert. Great way to impress the Grandmas.

The Advent Book Box – I compiled this list of Favorite Christmas Books following a discussion with a group of Charlotte Mason homeschooling moms who were looking for “twaddle-free” holiday reading for their families.

My daughter’s cat, Amy, making a bed of the Advent wreath.

Here it is again …. Advent Season!!

The traditional Advent calendar starts on November 30 this year. A number of years ago, my friend Eleanor put together an inductive-style family Bible study of Advent to use with her grandkids. And every year she publishes a current version online.

Please feel free to share this web site with home schoolers, friends, neighbors, relatives, etc.

My kiddos would’ve loved playing with this set of magnets.  Great Christmas gift idea (and educational to boot!).

Learning Resources Super Magnet Lab


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