This Week on Facebook – December 5th, 2014

In case you missed any postings, here are some of the past week’s highlights from the Charlotte Mason Home Education Facebook page:

Attention Western Washington CM Homeschoolers
Our next official meeting is this Saturday afternoon! (Dec 6th)

We’ll be chatting about Twaddle-Free Holiday ideas. Should be a fun discussion. Hope you can make it!

Date: Saturday, December 6th
Time: 1:30pm – 3:00pm
Where: Bellevue Library, Meeting Room 6 (upstairs)

“Are You Homeschooling or Car-Schooling?”

Who says homeschoolers aren’t socialized? Sometimes I felt I needed to guard against too much socializing!

“Educational Gift Ideas:  Science & Nature Study”

The grandparents always loved to buy educational toys, games, and supplies for my kiddos. I think it made the grandparents feel like they were helping to participate in homeschooling the grandkids by giving them educational gifts. If you have relatives who needs some gift giving ideas, send them here. These are the science-related items I would’ve added to my kiddos’ Christmas Lists this year if they were still homeschooling. I got a lot of great ideas from my kid needs that’s list. Hard to believe they’re all grown now. Time really does fly.

I stumbled upon this article just now while looking for something else.

“Introducing Charlotte Mason’s Use of Narration”
J. Carroll Smith, Associate Professor of Education, Gardner-Webb University

ABSTRACT: This article makes the claim that as public policy is made about very young children particularly in an educational setting, oracy needs to be strongly considered because of the implications it has on future reading development. The author reviews some of the research literature on oral language development and its impact on reading in school. Following this review and after making a connection among intellect, language and environment the British educationalist Charlotte Mason is introduced. Reviewing narration as an instructional strategy, the author explores the usefulness of narration and its effects on learning. Brown and Cambourne claim that narrating has many advantages for the learner. After discussing these advantages the author suggest ways to disseminate knowledge of the research on oral language and narration to those who work with our very young children.

A Simple Christmas Online Workshop – Day One

Inductive Advent Bible Study

Book of the Centuries

Nature Study is needed!


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