Twaddle-Free Holiday Suggestions

518dsz23psl__sl500_aa240_At the latest Western Washington Charlotte Mason Homeschoolers meeting, we discussed ideas for celebrating twaddle-free holidays. We began by defining twaddle as dumbed down literature or “child-friendly” activities with little depth or substance.

We also discussed how sometimes twaddle is in the eye of the beholder. One person’s twaddle might be someone else’s idea of light-hearted fun.  We used the animated  Charlie Brown Christmas special and various Dr. Seuss books as examples of what some people might consider twaddle, but others may find thoroughly enjoyable. Personally, I love Charlie Brown and I feel Dr. Seuss books are wonderful to use as early readers and much higher in their literary value than other more subdued and sober early readers that are available.

It’s actually quite simple to tie-in twaddle-free holidays with Charlotte Mason home education. The following are some easy ideas:

516najd8btl__sl500_aa240_1Art Appreciation


  • Go caroling
  • Attend a Nutcracker ballet production (live or video)
  • Attend a sing-a-long Handel’s Messiah at a local church
  • Play classical music as background throughout the day (The Nutcracker and The Messiah are good choices)

Nature Study


  • Holiday-themed handicrafts
  • Create ornaments
  • Do puzzles of fine art
  • Old-fashioned holiday games (Charades, spoons, etc.)



  • Advent celebrations / Biblical history
  • Study the origins of family holiday traditions


  • Start an Advent Book Box (a box or basket full of special holiday books that only come out during the Advent season)
  • Read Dickens’ Christmas stories aloud as a family
  • Create gift lists for your children with twaddle-free books, games, and other educational supplies you’d like to receive from relatives
  • Attend a live performance of Peter Pan or A Christmas Carol (both are commonly held during December)

I’d like to encourage you to share your own ideas for twaddle-free holiday activities in the comment section.  I’m looking forward to hearing more ideas!


One response to “Twaddle-Free Holiday Suggestions

  1. Great post! I would love to hear others great ideas for twaddle free gift and handiwork ideas for pre-teen boys. It is a challenge to keep them engaged inside during the very cold winter days!

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