Happy New Year, Charlotte Mason-Inspired Homeschooling Parents!

Dear Readers …

This week I had lunch with a friend from high school who I’ve gotten back in touch with the past couple of years. She’s a really great mom and values education for her son above most everything else right now (he’s a high school Junior). As we talked, it was interesting to see how much she equated “education” with official transcripts, grades, and test results.

I guess I’ve been living in a sort of bubble of people who are “out of the box” educationally, so it was fascinating to discuss education with someone who’s educational “philosophy” basically consists of getting her son into the best STEM school in the area and preparing his transcript for college applications. The “whys” and “hows” of the educational process and the pursuit of a lifetime love of learning weren’t really anywhere in the picture.

It was actually a very interesting conversation and it helped me remember that not everyone even gives thought to educational methods or philosophies. Most parents just trust their children to the “experts,” assuming the experts know the methods and philosophies necessary to achieve their goals for their kiddos.

So here’s to you, Charlotte Mason homeschooling parents, who have looked beyond the current American educational production line and given thought to not just where your children will learn, but how they will learn and why. I feel so fortunate that I was introduced to this gentle lifestyle of a Twaddle-Free Education™ when my kiddos were young so we were able to enjoy the process together throughout their entire childhoods.

Have a blessed New Year, everyone!



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