This Week on Facebook – March 8th, 2015

In case you missed any postings, here are some of the past week’s highlights from the Charlotte Mason Home Education Facebook page:

Exciting news. I was asked to be a Special Guest Speaker at the 2016 Washington Homeschool Organization’s convention next year. It looks like it will work with my schedule. YAY!

When my kiddos were young, we always found fun activities and simple lessons on the Crayola website. They actually have a section for educators that has a lot of homeschool-friendly ideas.

Here’s a selection of some of Crayola’s offerings on the topic of:

Price lowered on the Habits Kindle e-book. Was $2.99. Now $1.99

Habits paperback has been lowered, too.  Was $6.99. Now $6.49

Some easy ideas for springtime Nature Study from Woodland Trust Nature Detectives:

Yes, spring will come! The snows won’t last forever.

Just in case anyone’s interested, I’ve started publishing a monthly roundup on my personal blog about what I’m personally into each month. Books, music, blogging, etc. The topics covered will probably change from month to month. No recipes this month due to being too busy to cook anything new or special.

Questions Asked This Week:

Carol asks: “Anyone know of really good sources for keeping a commonplace book?”

Answer:  I checked this book out from the library recently and actually decided to buy a copy for myself.

Marie asks:  “I have a bright 7 year old boy with mild Aspergers. We read Mary Poppins, The Phantom Tollbooth, books like that, and he enjoys them. He reads *well* above grade level. He will complete grade 2 at the public school and then be homeschooled. Would you start him in year 1?”

Mary asks: “I am new to the idea of actually teaching Charlotte Mason, but have been researching it for a while. This is our first year homeschooling and it has been amazing! However, I started with the traditional way that I knew to teach and am now wanting to switch to CM style. We’ve been managing fine with the traditional style, but I want more out of homeschooling. My kids are almost 8 and 9. Would starting at year 1 for both of them be setting them back since they should be heading into “3rd” and “4th” grades next year?”

Answer to both Marie and Mary’s questions:

Note from Debi:

I feel Ambleside Online is a truly great curriculum, but it’s important to remember that it’s not the only way to apply Charlotte Mason’s methods and ideas in today’s world. Just wanted to throw that out there for thought since a bit of AO-related discussion has cropped up lately on the Facebook page. I personally don’t use AO and never have, so I have no opinions or thoughts on levels to start, etc.

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