Charlotte Mason’s Poetry

saviour of the world vol 1I’m so excited!

Although there are several online text versions available of Charlotte Mason’s six-volume set of epic poetry on the life of Christ (The Saviour of the World), I’ve always wished for actual books I could hold in my hands.  And preferably books that didn’t have to be ordered at high expense from a secondhand shop in the UK.  I’m extremely frugal (i.e.:  “broke”).  I’m sort of old fashioned, too, and honestly still prefer curling up with a cup of something warm and an actual book — with actual pages to turn! — than curling up with my Kindle.  Although I do love my Kindle.

I’m excited to announce that my longtime wish for a book version of The Saviour of the World has come true!  The first volume, The Holy Infancy, is now available in an inexpensive paperback format.  (The other five volumes will be released over the next couple of months.)

This really is a dream-come-true for me.  Can you hear me squealing with joy from there? 😀


So, what do you think?

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