My bookshelves

Because people on my Facebook page were recently asking what our homeschool supplies looked like, I walked around the house and took random photos of a few of our bookshelves that still contain books we used while homeschooling. My children are all grown and finished with homeschooling and most of our actual “school-books” and assorted educational supplies are boxed up for transport to and from CM-related workshops I conduct locally to use for a table display.

Most of our family’s books were found inexpensively at thrift stores, garage sales, library book sales, estate sales, and given as gifts.  Even my complete set of First Edition (!) Harvard Classics was found at a garage sale for only $25!  Whenever someone would ask what to buy as a gift for my children or my family, I would give them a list of books we were wanting.


If I spent more than $2 on a single book, I’d feel like I was being too extravagant. Money was always super tight but having books in my home was a high priority. My personal philosophy was that I’d rather wear clothes from the thrift store — which we all did — than have a bookless house.


I’m in the middle of a major home project were I’m trying to re-organize my book collection … so these shelves are pretty much just a hodge podge of books as I’m attempting to make sense of categories, sizes, etc.. Not a lot of sense to the arrangement at the moment.  So please forgive the haphazardness of it all.  Several people have told me it helped them tremendously to see visually what a literature-based education would like in a regular family home.  And we’re about as regular as they come.  🙂







One response to “My bookshelves

  1. What a beautiful collection. I am sorting books this week looking for the next stack to read to my kids.

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