“Charlotte Mason Topics” series give-away!

UPDATE:  The contest has now ended.  And the winner chosen by Random Number Generator is … Pam from California (pamallcorn)! Congratulations!  Be sure to check out all the great entries in the Comment section – there are some excellent and creative ideas!

20151012_132518-1_resized (2)To celebrate reaching 200 posts on this blog/website over the weekend, I’ve decided to hold a drawing to give-away a 3-book set from the new Charlotte Mason Topics series from Simple Pleasures Press.

This is a $21 value plus you’ll get FREE shipping & handling!  The give-away will include:

To enter the drawing, simply share a Comment (below) telling us about your favorite homeschooling tip or idea.  I’ll pick a number using an online Random Number Generator at 6pm Pacific Time on Saturday (October 17th, 2015).  Whoever’s comment is located at the selected number will be the winner*!

*NOTE: To receive the prize, the winner will need to email their mailing address to me, but please don’t include your personal info in your entry in the comment section. 🙂


51 responses to ““Charlotte Mason Topics” series give-away!

  1. I like to do memory work and reading over lunch while they are a captive audience.

  2. Be flexible! Be willing to switch it up if something isn’t working or set it aside and come back to it another day. Keeping things fresh and interesting can help things go smoother…for the kids & you too!

  3. No tips … it’s everyone for themselves 😉 Just keep it focused on your child’s individual goals and guide them to get there and in the meantime make sure everyone gets outside a whole lot.

  4. ❤ Teaching and Learning can also mean cuddling on the bed ❤

  5. Why Reading can be rewarding!! Just an encouragement note to all moms: There is a Thrift Store I go to and my son always looks at the books and manager asked my son why he always comes to look at the books. He told her that he loves to look at the pictures and they have so much information. He told the lady that he cannot read well but one day he will. The manager told him that she was so glad to hear he loved books because kids nowadays do not pick up books to read. She told him that anytime he comes to the store he can have as many books he wants for FREE. Can you believe FREE books.

  6. My favorite homeschool tip is to NOT make a fancy schmancy plan for the year as within days, you will be behind and frustrated. I schedule everything in a list, and we just do the next thing. It makes things so much less stressful for me.

  7. What has really saved my sanity is having a daily schedule; I laminate it and put it up so each child can see what work they need to complete each day, and there are no arguments.

  8. This is my first year really putting more effort in teaching my 6 year old. I don’t have any tips to give because I’m still trying to get the groove of homeschooling, taking care of younger siblings, maintaining current house, building a new home, and taking care of myself. I’m dizzy!

  9. I think at a young age you should teach your children to respect books by having a bookcase just for them. They can look and discover a whole new world in books way before a child can read. My children loved to lay in the floor and look at books way before they were able to read.

  10. Put out a birdfeeder…or several. This can be done, even in town. Then you and your children can observe the birds that come to it. Maintain it even during the winter…or should I say, especially during the winter, when it’s harder for birds to find food.

  11. My favorite tip is that I shouldn’t stress so much, let them be little, let them get out, play, and explore. We will begin homeschooling in December when we move to Hawaii and I have been feeling overwhelmed with idea of curriculum and scheduling. Reading your site has given me so much confidence, I honestly believe that we, that I, can do this.

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