The Charlotte Mason Topics Series (3 book set)

20151012_132518-1_resized (2)I’m needing to find some extra cash fast to replace my car battery!! So, to try to raise the funds, I’m hoping I can quickly sell some of my book inventory.

These are books I have sitting on my home office shelf waiting for the next homeschool convention or speaking gig. These are all brand new, never been used.

I’ll be packaging the books in “sets” at discounted prices. By offering the books as a “set” you’ll not only save money on the total cost of all three titles, you’ll also save on shipping because it’ll all go in one package. Thus just one shipping price.

Latest set just added: 3 books from The Charlotte Mason Topics Series – Habits, The Outdoor Life of Children, and Ideas and Books.

I’m also selling copies of A Twaddle-Free Education and some of my Frozen Assets cookbooks.  To view all “sets” of books currently available, you can find them all here.

By the way, these aren’t auctions, just Buy It Now sales.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give with my battery crisis by doing a little pre-holiday shopping.  🙂



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