An Ode to Miss Charlotte Mason

I found this recently while browsing through an older notebook of mine.  Thought I’d share it with you all.  Not my greatest writing, but definitely heartfelt.

charlotte masonAn Ode to Miss Charlotte M. Mason

Charlotte.  May I call you Charlotte?
Is it appropriate
to be so familiar
with someone so profound?

You are not my friend.
You are my hero.
My mentor.
My inspiration.

You voice continues, even now, to speak
for the children’s sake,
for the future’s sake,
for Heaven’s sake.



One response to “An Ode to Miss Charlotte Mason

  1. That is beautiful! I too feel that way about Charlotte Mason. 2 years ago, we were able to visit Ambleside, England and even visit her grave. It was such a moving moment for me. I do feel like I know her and she’s my friend, after all of these years of following her teaching style.

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