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About Me

My name is Debi (Deborah Taylor-Hough) and I’ve homeschooled all three of my children from birth through high school graduation.  My youngest graduated June 2014, just in time for me to begin Graduate School in September of 2014.

I began researching home education about 30 years ago, several years before my oldest child was born.  People often approach me for Charlotte Mason homeschooling tips and general parenting advice.  I love it!

I remember wishing I had a mentor or an experienced homeschooling mom to take me by the hand, especially when we were just starting out on our homeschooling and parenting journey.

Twaddle-Free Education™ Consultation

I now offer Twaddle-Free Education™ homeschooling consultation and one-on-one coaching services (by appointment only).

To schedule an appointment, email me at with an overview of your circumstance.  Be sure to include:

  1. The number of children you have (and how many you’ll be home educating)
  2. Your preferred method(s) of homeschooling
  3. Curriculum choices (it’s okay if you don’t have any) 🙂
  4. Special or unique challenges
  5. Questions
  6. How long you’ve homeschooled or when you plan to begin
  7. Anything else you think might be helpful for me to know before we chat

Also include three or four suggested times for scheduling a phone meeting (I’m in the Pacific Time Zone).  I will reply with your appointment time and payment information.  This year I’ll need to work things around my Grad school schedule (which is still in flux a bit).

My current rate is $25 per hour and $15 per half hour for follow-up meetings.  You will also receive a follow-up email after the meeting — the listed price also includes any prep time I need to do prior to our meeting, so you’ll actually be getting more than an hour of my time. 🙂

We can also communicate through email, but my preferred consultation method is by phone.  Email rates will vary depending on how in-depth and time-consuming the email communication becomes, so the listed hourly rates won’t apply to email consultations.   If you prefer to work with me via email, let me know in your initial message and we can discuss things further.

Areas of Expertise & Interest

  • Charlotte Mason Homeschooling
  • Unschooling / Eclectic / Relaxed Homeschooling
  • Twaddle-free Education
  • Nature Study
  • Getting Started in Homeschooling
  • Building Good Habits
  • Writing
  • Literature and Shakespeare
  • Simple Preschool / Kindergarten
  • Coping with Daily Life / Avoiding Burnout
  • Frugal Homeschooling
  • The History of Home Education
  • Homeschooling During a Family Crisis

A Bit More About Me

I have taught workshops at churches, women’s groups, and homeschooling conferences on Charlotte Mason homeschooling topics, frugal living, cooking for the freezer, and general parenting.  I was the editor for many years of The Charlotte Mason Monthly email newsletter, and I have facilitated homeschooling groups of various types (4H, nature, literature, general).  The last ten years of my homeschooling adventure were completed as essentially a single parent after my husband was diagnosed with a degenerative brain disorder.

I’m a graduate of the University of Washington with an interdisciplinary Literature degree (magna cum laude), and am currently a Graduate Student at the University of Washington Bothell pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and Poetics.

I’m the author of several traditionally published books including the popular Frozen Assets cookbook series (SourceBooks) and Frugal Living for Dummies® (Wiley).  I have also worked as a newspaper columnist, a radio host for a non-profit radio station, a church outreach director, and I’ve helped run an antique mall.

Hope to hear from you soon!



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