Who We Are

Honestly, I don’t know why I said “we” in the title of this page.  It’s just me these days.  🙂

This website is dedicated to the educational philosophies of Charlotte Mason, a British educator from the last century.  Her methods and philosophies have experienced a resurgence, especially among American homeschooling families. Mason’s emphasis on children developing a lifetime love of learning was in stark contrast to the nearly anti-child climate of her time period.

The mission of the Charlotte Mason & Home Education website is to bring Charlotte Mason’s ideals and methods to modern families. Believing that Mason’s teachings are timeless, I’m not afraid to move those ideas out of the past into the modern age. While I enjoy Victorian decor as much as the next person, I believe Charlotte Mason would’ve made use of every modern convenience, new development, and scientific method available. She was considered a bit avant garde in her day … and I believe she surely would’ve been considered cutting-edge if she lived today, as well.

Articles on this site — unless otherwise noted — are written by Deborah Taylor-Hough.  Hey, that’s me!  I was the long-time editor of The Charlotte Mason Monthly eNewsletter, and author of several bestselling books including Frugal Living for Dummies, the Frozen Assets cookbook series, and A Simple Choice: A Practical Guide for Saving Your Time, Money and Sanity.

Feel free to stop by my personal website where I post random personal things like photos, poetry, essays, thoughts, recipes, tips, watercolor paintings, etc.    debitaylorhough.com

Note: Although no longer submitting new material to this website, a number of the founding articles were generously provided by popular author and speaker, Catherine Levison.  If you stop by, tell her Debi sent you.  🙂

One response to “Who We Are

  1. My nephew has dyslexia, ADHD with impulsivity and learning disabilities. He goes to a private Christian school and is not able to keep up with studies- is in the 6th grade but is at about 3rd grade level math and does ok in English because his parents pay a dyslexia tutor to help him at school.
    I am his aunt. I care almost daily for my elderly parents but have thought about homeschooling him but am myself poor at math and not thinking I am capable.

    I have also thought of having him take some school at public school to benefit from the theater program or music

    I would be grateful for any insight.

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