“Charlotte Mason Topics” Series

13540Are you feeling overwhelmed by Charlotte Mason’s six-volume set? Not sure where to find the information you’re looking for?

I can relate to those frustrations, so I’ve sorted through the six-volume set and separated Mason’s writings out by topic.  It made it easier for me to find what I need, and  I hope it will be helpful to you, as well.

The first three volumes from the brand new “Charlotte Mason Topics” series are now available.  Several more topical volumes are currently in the works and will be released in the near future.

Habits book cover imageBook Number One in the “Charlotte Mason Topics” series is a compilation of Mason’s teachings on the formation of habits.  (To order, click the link below, or on the book cover image.)

Mason’s ideas on the formation of habit are a key to understanding how to make lasting change in a child, or even yourself.

Contents include:

  • Habit May Supplant “Nature”
  • The Formation of Habit
  • Childhood and Nursery Habits
  • Habits of Mind and Morals
  • The Habit of Attention
  • The Habit of Obedience
  • Habits of Truth and Temper
  • … and more!

517pDeJHtkLThe Outdoor Life of Children is Book Number Two from the new “Charlotte Mason Topics” series.  (To order, click the link below, or on the book cover image.)

Mason had a strong emphasis on the importance of children being out-of-doors, both for Nature Study, and also for their healthy physical and mental growth and development.

Contents include:

  • Knowledge Through Senses
  • Out-of-Door Geography
  • Flowers and Trees
  • ‘Living Creatures’
  • Field-Lore and Naturalists’ Books
  • Walks in Bad Weather
  • Teaching Natural Philosophy
  • … and more!

Book CoverBook Number Three in the Charlotte Mason Topics series is a compilation of Charlotte Mason’s writings on the importance of Ideas and Books to accomplish true education.  (To order, click the link below, or on the book cover image.)

Contents include:

  • An Educational Manifesto
  • The Role of the Educator
  • The Matter and Method of Lessons
  • An Adequate Theory of Education
  • School-books and Education
  • How to Use School-books
  • The Love of Knowledge
  • … and more!

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