Debi’s Newest Books

Deborah Taylor-Hough (editor of this website you’re visiting now) is also the author of several books including the popular Frozen Assets cookbook series and Frugal Living for Dummies.

Debi recently released two new titles with Lulu Publishing. These titles aren’t available yet in bookstores or through online retailers (such as or Ordering directly from the publisher’s website is the only way to currently purchase these newer titles.

320_4517182Habits: The Mother’s Secret to Success
Print: $11.99  Now $8.99!
Download: $4.99 Now FREE!

Charlotte Mason was a British educator from the last century whose ideas are currently experiencing a revival, especially among American private and home schools. Her ideas on the formation of habit are a key to understanding how to make lasting change in a child, or even yourself. This book is an excerpt of her teachings specifically on the topic of habits.  Introduction and editing by Deborah Taylor-Hough.

Ebook version:

Paperback version:

320_7642225Basics of Inductive Bible Study
Print: $7.99  Now 5.99!
Download: $3.99  Now FREE!

Think the Bible’s confusing? You don’t understand the language? Don’t let the Bible intimidate you anymore! Here’s a simple, step-by-step guide to studying the Bible for anyone, both newbie and experienced alike. Learn to see for yourself what the Bible is really saying, what it all means, and then discover how to easily and practically apply its teachings to your own life. Topics covered include: Observation, themes, people, context, key words, interpretation, word studies, application, basic study outline, helpful suggestions for Bible study leaders, and several sample lessons from a study on the epistle (“letter”) to the first-century church at Philippi (aka “Philippians”). Basics of Inductive Bible Study is based on the teaching outline from the author’s class, An Introduction to Bible Study.

Ebook version:

Paperback version:

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