Twaddle-Free Book Lists

Twaddle-Free Literature by Grade — Grade-by-grade literature recommendations from preschool to teens.

Living Science Books — “Living books” are basically the opposite of dull, dry textbooks. The people, places and events come alive as you read a living book. The stories touch your mind and heart — they’re timeless.  Here you’ll find recommended books for supplementing your child’s science education.

Living History — “Ancient Egypt” — This list of books makes an excellent resource for studying the history of Ancient Egypt with your family (numerous grade level possibilities for these books).

The Advent/Holiday Book Box — This list of Favorite Christmas Books was compiled following a discussion between a group of home schooling mothers looking for twaddle-free holiday reading for their families.


4 responses to “Twaddle-Free Book Lists

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  3. Thank you for this list!

  4. Hello! I’d love to peek at your Advent/Holiday Book Box, but the link seems to be broken… also I don’t see an archives link. Could you help me find your list? Thank you!

    Hm, I’ll have to check the link. I also have the list of Advent books here:

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