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Scheduling a “Charlotte Mason”-style Home School Day

by Deborah Taylor-Hough

A number of years ago, due to frequent requests from my regular web-page visitors, I wrote out a general outline and description of our family’s daily homeschool schedule .

Just so you know, this was first written out back when my oldest child was 12 years old (the other two kids were 8 and 4) … my oldest is now 23 and a full-time college student Continue reading


Keeping Personal Journals

by Deborah Taylor-Hough

Keeping personal journals of daily events is one way to ensure your children have simple practice in handwriting, spelling and composition everyday. Setting aside a few minutes each evening after dinner to add a few paragraphs to your journals can be a fun family activity. The example set by parents who also keep a personal journal is invaluable. Continue reading

The Power of Habit


by Catherine Levison

We all want to raise polite and loving children who aren’t causing our lives or home schools to be in a constant state of friction. Both adults and children tend to be creatures of habit and there is no end to the problems (or, better yet, lack of them) that arise from habit.

It’s a good thing that much of our daily activities are habitual, for example, people operate cars through the power of habit. What would it be like to have to think about the turn signal, foot brake, steering wheel and two mirrors every time we made a turn? What does this have to do with raising children and education? Everything. Much of what we do, and how we do it, is controlled by habit. Continue reading

Coping Strategies

Catherine Levison, author and speaker, shares some of her favorite tips for coping with the daily challenges of home education.

One Possible Cure for “Super-Mom Syndrome”

When motherhood or home schooling is getting you down, stop and simplify. So often when we have a problem, we try to attack it with a monumental overhaul of the entire situation. Charlotte Mason taught quite a bit on the formation of good habits, and her emphasis was on implementing only one new habit or idea at a time. Continue reading

Homeschooling Tips from Readers

Readers of the Charlotte Mason Monthly email newsletter frequently send in suggestions and tips for the benefit of other readers.  Here are some of their fun, helpful and creative tips.

Homemade Math Counters
“For math counters, we use homemade beansticks — wooden craft sticks with 10 beans glued on them. The sticks are 10’s and the individual beans are ones. They’re nice for place value and regrouping, borrowing, carrying type problems or explanations. I like to use black beans because they show up so nicely against the light colored popsicle sticks, but any dry beans will work. Continue reading