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Books about the Oregon Trail and Pioneers

These books about the Oregon Trail and early pioneers were recommended by someone I know who particularly enjoyed studying this time period with her children.  Although she wasn’t specifically homeschooling according to Charlotte Mason’s principles, she did have a high regard for the literary value of good books.

I can’t personally vouch for these specific titles, but if I were starting a study now on the Oregon Trail, I would definitely begin here for ideas.  Also keep in mind you don’t have to read ALL of these books.  Pick a couple that interest you or your kiddos.  My friend who recommends these titles spent a complete school year on nothing else but the Oregon Trail.  They made an entire year’s worth of interdisciplinary studies around this one topic.  Your mileage may vary.  🙂

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Timeline of Art History

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has an online Timeline of Art History.  What a wonderful resource!

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Q&A: Book of the Centuries


“I’ve heard great things about keeping a Century Book. Will you please explain how to make and use one?”

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Living History — Ancient Egypt

The following list of books makes an excellent resource for studying the history of Ancient Egypt with your family.  Some of the books are specifically targeted for younger children (early readers, etc.), but even books directed at older children can be read aloud to the younger ones.  Some of the books are general reference books (not necessarily “living books” per se), but definitely interesting, well-made, and worth adding to your curriculum supplies. Continue reading