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Advent Bible Study Guide

I think I’ve shared this in years past with a variety of people online, but I don’t think I’ve shared it here on this blog before.

It’s an inductive Advent Bible study guide written by my former Precept Bible Study leader when I lived in Olympia, WA several years ago.  She wrote it to use with her grandkids, and now shares an updated version of it each year for free online.  Eleanor’s the best.  🙂 Continue reading


Guest Article: Nature Gifts and Holiday Ideas

by Toni Albert
Guest Contributor

For me, the holiday season begins with a long, leisurely walk. Leisurely but not inattentive. I am paying close attention to anything that catches my eye (or nose) because of its shape, color, texture, fragrance, or interest. It’s a gathering expedition. Continue reading

Frugal Easter Basket Ideas

j0401449.jpgIf you look forward to giving Easter baskets to your children each year but don’t enjoy the high price of expensive pre-made baskets, here are some simple ideas for saving money on this fun holiday tradition. Like anything else you buy, it helps to set a spending limit — maybe $5 or $10 per Easter basket. Then have fun being creative and trying to keep within your basket budget. Continue reading

Twaddle-Free Holidays

literary_holiday_card-p137406133488180161tra8_210Since we’re currently in the midst of the December holidays, I chatted at length with Catherine Levison (author of A Charlotte Mason Education and More Charlotte Mason Education) and we put our heads together to come up with ways to apply the concept of avoiding “twaddle” (or what modern parents might call “dumbed down” literature or activities) in our holiday celebrations, family times and Christmas reading materials. Continue reading

The Advent Book Box

A great idea for the holidays is to set aside a special box or basket containing your family’s special Christmas or other holiday books. The Holiday Book Box only comes out during the Advent season, and is put away again with the decorations after the first of the year.


This list of Favorite Christmas Books was compiled following a discussion Continue reading