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200+ Summertime Boredom Busters for Kids

by Deborah Taylor-Hough

Since we try not to use the phrase “I’m bored!” in our home, I usually don’t hear my kids complaining about being bored during those long days at home during the summer months.But I have to admit that we’re still an incredibly normal family. Even without the “b-word” in their vocabulary, there are still those times when my three children just seem to be at a total loss for something constructive to do. Continue reading


Keeping Personal Journals

by Deborah Taylor-Hough

Keeping personal journals of daily events is one way to ensure your children have simple practice in handwriting, spelling and composition everyday. Setting aside a few minutes each evening after dinner to add a few paragraphs to your journals can be a fun family activity. The example set by parents who also keep a personal journal is invaluable. Continue reading

The Advent Book Box

A great idea for the holidays is to set aside a special box or basket containing your family’s special Christmas or other holiday books. The Holiday Book Box only comes out during the Advent season, and is put away again with the decorations after the first of the year.


This list of Favorite Christmas Books was compiled following a discussion Continue reading

The Power of Habit

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by Catherine Levison

We all want to raise polite and loving children who aren’t causing our lives or home schools to be in a constant state of friction. Both adults and children tend to be creatures of habit and there is no end to the problems (or, better yet, lack of them) that arise from habit.

It’s a good thing that much of our daily activities are habitual, for example, people operate cars through the power of habit. Continue reading

Take a Daily “Green Hour” with Your Kids

Whenever someone online links to a page on one of my blogs, I receive a notification about it in the administrative area of my blog. The other day I found that someone named “Grandmother Wren” had linked to two of my nature study articles, so I figured I’d go see what sort of blog entry prompted a nature study recommendation. Turns out, it was a posting about children spending time outdoors everyday to connect with nature. Continue reading