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Guest Article: Home School Science – Studying Microclimates

by Sheila Carroll
Guest Contributor

Getting out into the woods, yard or even nearby vacant lot is one of the best means of gaining an understanding of natural processes–a key discipline in the sciences. Charlotte Mason, a British educational reformer saw the study of nature as the means of training the senses to absorb the all-important details and then to draw conclusions. Continue reading


Teaching Elementary Science with Great Literature

by Sheila Carroll
Guest Contributor

How do you teach a fact-heavy subject like science with great literature? First, science is not fact-heavy, or, at least it ought not to be. British educator, Charlotte Mason called science the study of “the great scheme of the unity of life”.

Abstract concepts become easy to picture and understand when they are experienced in context. A picture-packed, glitzy book filled with facts cannot teach “the great scheme of unity of life” but literature and hands-on experimentation can. Continue reading

Content Ideas for Nature Notebooks

by Debi Taylor-Hough
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