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Well, obviously I recommend that you start out by reading the articles and resources here on A Charlotte Mason Home where you are currently. 😉  But I don’t believe I’m the end-all/be-all of things Charlotte Mason. Not by a long shot.

So to get you started on your CM journey through the outer reaches of the internet, let me recommend my personal favorites to spare you time wading through things not quite as helpful or thorough.  These are just my personal favorites, however.  Your mileage may vary.

Also, please feel free to add your favorite CM-inspired site(s) in the comment section.  Happy web surfing!


A Charlotte Mason Home Book & Gift Shoppe

A collection of books and other resources specifically hand-selected with the Charlotte Mason inspired homeschooling family in mind.

71B7RQX448L._SL500_AA300_Karen Andreola
“Moments with Mother Culture and the Gentle Art of Learning™

Homeschoolers today mainly know her from her popular book, A Charlotte Mason Companion: Personal Reflections of the Gentle Art of Learning.  Early home educators will recognize Karen Andreola as a former colunnist for Practical Homeschooling Magazine.   Karen and her husband, Dean, were responsible for originally bringing Charlotte Mason’s six-volume set back into print, for which I am eternally grateful.  (That’s not an exaggeration, either!)

Catherine Levison

Catherine is a popular conference speaker and author of several books including A Charlotte Mason Education and More Charlotte Mason Education.  Catherine graciously contributed a number of the founding articles on A Charlotte Mason Home (where you are now).

The Charlotte Mason Institute Blog

A wonderful collection of insightful articles and other Charlotte Mason-related resources.  This statement is from their About page:

The purpose of the Charlotte Mason Institute is to support a worldwide community of learners and educators in an authentic practice of Charlotte Mason’s paradigm of education. We seek to do this in three ways: explicating the educational philosophy of Charlotte Mason, equipping individuals and schools to practice Mason’s pedagogy and nourishing the Mason community with insightful publications, examples of practices and various forms of knowledge from the arts to the sciences, from nature to literature to history and many more.

The Charlotte Mason Institute aims to extend the Charlotte Mason educational philosophy to children worldwide, just as Charlotte Mason intended. The Institute’s long term vision is to develop a vibrant and growing Mason community to sustain generations to come.

living books curriculum treeLiving Books Curriculum

Of the various CM-style curriculum choices that are available these days, Living Books Curriculum by Sheila Carroll is my personal favorite. If I’d ever put together a modern day CM curriculum, I think it would’ve looked much like this. I think of this as a Charlotte Mason Education-in-a-Box. 🙂

Simply Charlotte Mason

Lots of great resources for simply and easily applying Charlotte Mason’s methods in a homeschool setting.  There are a number of free resources available on their site, plus they also have a nice selection of books, videos, and other resources they publish.  I recently discovered some of Sonja Shafer’s helpful Simply Charlotte Mason videos on

Ambleside Schools International

They have an easy-to-use collection of Charlotte Mason’s original works on their site.

From their website:

In 1999, Ambleside Schools International, a 501(c)3 corporation, was founded as a model school and training center to support renewal in education. Its staff developed the Ambleside Method of education, based on Mason’s educational approach. Maryellen Marschke St. Cyr, school principal, author of When Children Love to Learn and expert in Mason’s educational thought and practice, spearheaded the Fredericksburg, Texas-based ASI movement.

Ambleside Online

A rigorous approach to Charlotte Mason education, basing their research and curriculum choices on Charlotte Mason’s actual classrooms.  Extensive library of information and digital versions of many of the articles from Charlotte Mason’s “Parents’ Review” magazine.   A true labor of love to the homeschooling community and a tremendous resource.

Penny Gardner
“Charlotte Mason Approach with Penny Gardner”

Penny is the author of The Charlotte Mason Study Guide and a long-time Charlotte Mason homeschooling parent and support group leader.  Her website contains Charlotte Mason information, samples of nature notebooks, tips, etc.


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