The Charlotte Mason Method

Charlotte Mason in a Nutshell — A quick overview of some of Charlotte Mason’s main educational ideas.

The Charlotte Mason Method — What makes this method different from other educational methods.

Charlotte Mason’s 20 Principles — These principles are what she based her entire philosophy of education on … internalize these ideas and you’ll be well on your way to implementing a Charlotte Mason-style education in your home and/or school.

Why Homeschoolers are Turning to Charlotte Mason’s Methods — There’s no doubt about it, the Charlotte Mason method is growing in popularity among homeschoolers at an extremely fast pace. But why is this happening?

“My Introduction to Charlotte Mason’s Philosophies”  — One mother’s introduction to the ideas and thoughts of this noted educator from the last century.

Going Straight to the Source — How to successfully read Charlotte Mason’s original six-volume set for yourself.

“What is the Charlotte Mason method?” (in 25 words or less) — Responses to a question posed to a number Charlotte Mason home educators.


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